About Us


About 6 years ago in 2011 we launched the brand “l’esprit de l’art” which included the products with pure leather and non-leather work of art, showcased in several exhibitions proceeding ordered based marketing system locally and abroad, to meet the needs of people requiring sense of their taste and style with the skills of our designer. The business of leather has been in the family for more than 12 years now .With a commitment to using the finest materials and uncompromising workmanship,the need of spreading the business online was required ,for greater opportunities and exceeding the business, today in 2017 we are launching the online shopping store” Jacqar”  The house of leather products, to fill the gap of the market we couldn’t capture.

Core Values

At Jacqar’s we are committed to the highest standards of quality, ethics and integrity.

  • Our customers must always be treated with respect.
  • Our actions and products will make evident our trust, credibility, and uncompromising integrity.
  • We believe in our employee’s work ethics, and will create an environment that caters to respect, fairness and opportunities that provide room for personal and professional growth.
  • Jacqar is motivated to become a productive and contributing member of the society.


“L’esprit de l’art” and “Jacqar” The house of leather products, has transformed the creation of genuine leather products into an art form. We are highly committed to serving our customers, employees, the society and the environment we inhabit; by creating and delivering value, through a unique blend of technology and uncompromising craftsmanship.


We are a healthy, growing and admired business, where product excellence, innovation, ingenuity and creativity are at the heart of the brand and where highly engaged employees exemplify our core values.